Co-Design Framework

Basic framework for designing and facilitating design processes for non-designers and designers

With: own development
Role: Designer and facilitator
For: various non-profit associations and private sector companies
Since: April 2019

For today's challenges, we need new systemic solutions based on holistic, integrated and multidimensional approaches. Design thinking is one way to address questions and problems. With the co-design framework, we created a setting that enables non-designers to adopt a designer’s mindset and methods.

The co-design framework is built on three pillars - people, methods, environment. Based on these, we have created a non-standardised framework that can be applied to different challenges in different industries. It brings the knowledge of designer methodology (e.g. Design Thinking and others) into an applicable structure. All three aspects are interlocked and equal. The framework can be used in a workshop situation or as process support.

The results of applying the framework differ based on the initial challenge, the industry and other factors. It is important to note that the impact is highly reduced when the process is considered complete after a co-creation session. For a sustainable continuation and implementation, another pre-defined process is required.
This framework allows having a basic structure that can be adapted to different situations and periods. It takes into account that the co-creating non-designers will not only develop new ideas and solutions but also get to know the mindset of a designer and apply it to other situations.

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