We are facing big challenges with many unknowns. Technology is changing rapidly. The environment is rebelling. The smallest parts of our world have brought us the biggest problems. Everyone can feel it – there’s a transition going on. And challenges are always an opportunity to shape the world for the better.

At Yand we harness collaborative design to unlock people's passion, creativity and intrinsic motivation. We want to actively shape human-centred futures through shared values and by bringing ideas to life.

Our Mission

Yand designs processes that enable organisations and non-designers to collaboratively reach solutions. The foundation of Yand’s work is the designer’s mindset. Shaping the environment, methods and team constellations through consideration of all points leads to transformative enabling solutions for services, communities, processes and strategies. We put the human in the centre – during the design thinking process and in the results. Yand strives for outcomes that are human-centred, feasible and applicable. We open up, explore the future, consider the today, and create a journey that emerges in innovative, surprising solutions.