Yand Design

Yand creates collaborations, networks, tools and services with a focus on all the parts within. We explore, design, unite, provoke, research in a radically open and collaborative way. Design becomes accessible to non-designers as an understandable, empowering tool. Yand is industry agnostic, which leads to diverse projects. We are translators between various partners and use design as a language. Therefore, people with different skills are equally involved in co-creation. New futures are developed from the critical perspective of sustainability, people-centredness and cultural embeddedness.

Nadja Müller

Nadja holds a B.A. in Interaction Design from Zurich University of Arts. She is a passionate designer located in Zurich working in the fields of co-design, collaborative processes and strategic design. Her work focuses on design as a human-centred method for creating experiences, services and products. She uses her experience in various ways – in her own studio for collaborative design, at the Designathon (design hackathon for social issues), in various projects for universities as well as in the private sector and teaching activities.